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We take the pain out of PV. Our tools help you design solar array layouts, find matching inverters and electrical components, draw up a bill of components, undertake structural and energy performance calculations, and produce schematics and documentation.


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Designs that used to take hours can be done in minutes.

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  • Snappy roof editor

    Quickly draw a roof to millimeter scale precision, and add obstructions such as chimneys and veluxes.

  • Try panels for size

    Adding panels to the roof is a doddle. Select from a wide range of built-in panels - or add your own if you are a pro user. Mounting components are calculated automatically.

  • Inverter matching

    Find a matching inverter and check compatibility in just a couple of clicks.

  • Electrical components

    Specify appropriate electrical components for the AC and DC sides

  • Instant schematic

    Built in one click - but editable if you need the flexibility

  • Performance calculator

    Energy estimate using the recommended MCS method? We've got it built in.

  • Structural

    Weight-loading and wind-loading: like everything else, we've made it easy-peasy.

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Roof designer

Drag the roof vertices, and use the dimension boxes for fine positioning. Drag obstructions from the panel below and resize. Add as many roofs as you need.


Drag and drop panels on to each roof. Use arrow keys to quickly add additional panels.
panel name:
Show mm margin?

Next: electrical components


Please click to select the string configuration for each inverter input.

Add another inverter

Performance calculations


You need to be logged in undertake shading calculations and estimate the annual energy output of a PV array.

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Allocate inverters to phases

As you have more than one single phase inverter in the project, we need to know if these are connected to a single phase, or to different phases of a three phase supply. Please allocate the inverters to phases below.

DC isolators

You will usually require one DC isolator for each inverter input

DC cable and connectors

Calculate voltage drop and specify connectors
add cable calcs

AC isolators

Specify appropriate AC isolators for each inverter

AC Cable calculations

Check voltage drop on AC cables


Select a generation meter
next: overview


Add monitoring, immersion controllers, battery storage and accessories to your project

Project Details



Shopping list




You need to be logged in use our easy-peasy schematic generator.

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add a roof

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Structural calculations


You need to be logged in to use our structural calculators.

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